GFit 11.0

Lars Engström

Lund Reports on Atomic Physics, LRAP-232 (1998)

GFit is a highly interactive program for Windows to perform the basic scientific task of determining peak positions and intensities in an experimental spectrum. GFit is written for Win XP but a simple work-around for later versions can be found here.


GFit performs a weighted non-linear least-squares fit of a sum of Gaussian, Lorentzian or Voigt profiles to an experimental spectrum under manual supervision. Also included is the possibility to handle several input materials simultaneously, or to work efficiently through a set of consecutively numbered files. You may also overlay a calculated spectrum on the experimental data.

GFit supports 14 input file formats: different formatted ASCII files including the general column-oriented Excel output (.csv), a binary direct access format, some CCD camera formats (P.I. and Photometrics) and the general image formats FITS and bit maps.

GFit may be used to create high quality plots of moderate complexity for direct printing or saved as a postscript file.